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23 Nov 2021 | 17:17 | Suwachaseela

A web gallery to be launched dedicated to Children's Drawings themed on Buddhist Culture. 

Shanthi Vihara Dhamma School will open a separate web space to showcase its pupil's artistic abilities by exhibiting creative drawing. Pupils will have to draw pictures related to Buddhist culture, Sri Lankan Culture, or Buddhist Philosophy. Any pupil at Dhamma School is eligible to submit their own drawing. 

We will accept drawings from anyone however the creation should meet the following criteria:

  1. The drawing should be genuine, not copied or printed.

  2. The drawing should be original, not drawn by any other person.

  3. Should relate to Buddhism, Sri Lankan Culture, Buddhist way of life, Sri Lanka.

We will inform the date when we will start to accept the artworks by students. After drawing and finishing the artwork, the pupil will have to send us the drawing either in digital form or postage. 

Suggested Themes:

  1. Birth of Prince Siddhartha

  2. Vesak Ceremony

  3. Asala Dhamma Day

  4. Sinhala New Year Celebration

  5. Buddhist Sacred Places

  6. Worshipping Buddha, Offering Flowers

  7. Buddhist temple

  8. Buddhist children, Monks, and Parents

  9. Nature and emotions (Compassion, Kindness, etc)

Preparing your Drawing:

Capture a clear photo of your drawing. The photo of the drawing should be taken straight from the upside. Please do not take the picture in a dark room. Use this video as capturing tutorial.

Delivering your Creation:

  1. You can fill in the online form,  and submit your drawing after taking a photo of it. Any file type can be uploaded through the form. Use this link to upload your work.

  2. If you prefer to send us the hard copy, submit the form above and send us the hard copy to the address below;

          Shanthi Vihara Dhamma School, 523, Nuthall Road, Nottingham, NG8 5DG.


 Please submit your drawings before the end of this year. (Before 31st Dec 2021)

Drawing ideas:

Please check the links below to look up drawing ideas. 

Drawing Buddha

Draw a Buddha Statue

Any Drawing from Dhamma Lessons