Key Stage 3

Our teachers will use age-appropriate material such as pictures, videos for the purpose of making the lessons interesting to the child and also for the ease of the child’s understanding.

Level 3 Teacher:

  • Ven. N. Suwachaseela Thero
  • Ven A. Wimalajeewa Thero

Learning material (Books):

  • Life of Buddha 
  • Sinhala Lessons by Shanthi Vihara


Homework is usually set up each week on the lessons learned on the day, parents could expect some homework from the previous week’s lessons as well.

End of year expectation:

  • Children to have gained the ability to identify, pronounce Sinhala language letters and form words using vowel strokes.
  • Children are able to read simple Sinhala books or paragraphs.
  • Children are able to form sentences with at least three words.
  • Children to have a basic understanding of the Sri Lankan culture
  • Children to have a basic knowledge of Buddhist life, culture, and festivals

End of Year assessment:

Children will sit for an end of year Sinhala Language and Buddhism exams