Beginner’s class

Our beginner’s class will introduce Buddhism in simple ways. This class is intended for kids who are too small to go for the KS1 class. Activities include coloring Buddhist drawings and a basic introduction to some Sinhala letters.


Who is this class for?

  • This class is for new children who are beginning to start to learn Dhamma lessons. The ideal age group can be defined as below year 6. Pre-school kids are also eligible to join this class.

Our Teachers:

  • Mrs. Heshani Wijethunga
  • Dr. Luckni Sellahewa

What learning materials do we use?

  • Pera pasal wada Potha
  • Sinhala Akuru Workbooks
  • Colouring book by Shanthi Vihara

End of year expectation:

  • Ability to identify, pronounce Sinhala language letters and form very simple two-letter words
  • Sing and remember a few Sinhala songs
  • Ability to count in Sinhala from 1-20
  • Capability to identify colors in Sinhala
  • Basic understanding of the Sri Lankan culture
  • Children to have a basic knowledge of Buddhist life, culture, and festivals


We use simple assessments to assess children. 


Learning Materials and other useful links are available below.

Children's Books

  1. Drawing Book by Shanthi Vihara

  2. Vandana & Chanting Book

  3. Sinhala Weda Potha

  4. Sinhala Word Activities