The Dhamma School of Shanthi Vihara

The Dhamma School (Sunday school) is an organized effort to provide an opportunity for our children in their search for a ‘right-way’ of living. We understand the importance of Buddhist values in our lives. As parents, our sincere wish is for our children to find happiness in their lives and, for them to be free from suffering.

To this end, Dhamma school provides a solid foundation to develop wholesome thoughts that will take them on the ‘right-way’. Shanthi Vihara Dhamma School is conducted under the guidance of Venerable Theldeniyaye Amitha thero.

Our pupils are skillful, intelligent & righteous.

Our Branches

Dhamma School is conducted in Nottingham and Sheffield. Both Dhamma Schools are conducted once in every three weeks. Classes are scheduled to be held on Sundays from 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm. Find the time table below to view the approximate programme schedule.

Useful Informations

How often is Dhamma School Conducted?

Right now Dhamma School is conducted in every three weeks.

How do i get informed about the days?

You can get informed about conducting days by Dhamma School official Viber group. you will be automatically added to the group upon registration.

What is the perfect age to take my children to Dhamma School?

As soon as your children participate nursery, they can start to participate in Dhamma School.

How is the Dhamma School fees?

Fees are charged on an annual basis currently £60 per annum. we utilize it for the hiring of the hall where we hold the Dhamma school.

I need more info. whom should i contact?

You can contact Shanthi Vihara for further information.

Do you teach Sinhala Language?

Yes. we hold half of the session to teach Sinhala lessons for students.