Online Classes for Children

We hope that you are safe and happy. We were recently informed that the Dhamma School will be conducted online on the 24th January 2021 (Next Sunday). Here are further details.

The online Dhamma school is for new/existing children who wish to continue taking Dhamma School classes online. The online classes will be conducted for Dhamma School students of both Nottingham and Sheffield. Students from each Dhamma school will be grouped into 3 classes by their age and combined.

The Dhamma School will be conducted over ZOOM Video conferencing service. Please set up the Zoom software for your children before the Dhamma School day.

(If you are already familiar with the Zoom cloud meetings then please ignore the steps below.)

Download Zoom from the links below.

Zoom for PC:

Zoom for mobile:

Apple Devices:

Andriod Devices:



How to join?

We will send a message to the social messaging group (Whatsapp or Viber) which includes the ZOOM link to join the classes. If you have trouble joining with the link, please insert the provided Zoom meeting ID and Passcode in the message.

We recommend joining through a Desktop or a Laptop computer for online Dhamma School. You can Join Up to 15 minutes before the class starts.

Upon joining the class, the participant’s microphone will be muted. Switching the video is necessary for the teaching process, therefore; make sure they are ready to join the class. If you have any problems with the video, please let us know. Participants' videos will be turned on by default. The Dhamma School teaching sessions will be recorded for evaluation purposes.


After joining:

As soon as the participant clicks the ZOOM link, he will be admitted to the classroom. Once admitted, make sure to rename the student and type in the real name. You may click the highlighted text above to see how to rename Zoom when joining from a PC, IPad, or Phone. If you are new to this platform please use this link to watch basic Zoom tutorials for students.

You may need to know:

  • How to mute yourself.
  • How to switch off video.
  • How to use the “raise hand” feature.
  • How to use the chatting feature.



The Dhamma school will be held as per the timetable below. As we have just started online teaching, we may need to adjust the timetable. On the first day (24th Jan) please follow the schedule below.


Age Group




Below age 6

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Observation of 5 Precepts and a brief meditation session followed by Buddhism and Sinhala classes


Between 7 to 10

3:45 PM – 5:15 PM


Age 11 and above

5:30 PM – 7:00 PM


Note: You may join the session 15 minutes in advance.  

The Online classes will begin by observation of 5 precepts. During the religious observances, participants' microphones will be muted. Only pre-informed child/children will participate in the religious observances with mics on, to avoid audio disturbance. Each class will be conducted by Venerable Monks and other staff members of Dhamma school. If your child enrolled for Sinhala classes only, then please join for the second half-session of the time above. Sinhala classes are conducted for the last 40 minutes of the whole session.


Should there be any questions, please contact us.

Shanthi Vihara, Nottingham. Tel: 0115 822 4552