Dhamma School, Nottingham

The primary purpose of our Dhamma School is not only to teach the younger Sri Lankan generations about Buddhism, the Sinhala language, and Sri Lankan Culture but also to help them develop into better people. We believe that everyone can benefit from studying the teachings of Buddha. Therefore, we welcome any student who wants to learn about Buddhism and the Sinhalese language.

Classes offered:

Our dhamma school offers a balanced curriculum that enables children of all ages to study the life and teachings of Buddha.

• Buddhism (Dhamma) Classes:

we have 4 Buddhism classes. Children are allocated to classes according to their age. All our Buddhist classes are conducted in the English language

• Sinhala language classes:

Sinhala language classes are organized depending on the child’s age and ability in the Sinhala language. Class 01 is the entry-level for the Sinhala language.

The venue address where we currently hold the Dhamma School is Crabtree Farm Estate, Steadfold Cl, Bulwell NG6 8AX. However, we keep updating the Venue information through instant messaging. This is because we hold the Dhamma School in a different venue, and not at the Vihara. The Dhamma School will be held mainly around Nottingham area.

Registrations are open for 2023

Register Now


You are welcome to register your child/children online for the Dhamma School. Online registration is done by google forms. The link is below. The details will be stored securely in our school database. Please register before or on 15th January 2023. The first day of the Dhamma School is Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 (Postponed).

Registration fees:

The cost per term per child is £20 and this needs to be paid at the beginning of each term. (January/May/September) The registration fee is £20 per Family which is collected annually.  This fee will be used to cover the administration & venue costs. Payment can be made online/via bank transfer or in cash. Please contact our treasurer Dr. Luckni Sellahewa for more details. Per semester/term fee is £20 and should be paid for each child who attends the Dhamma School. The semester fees may be subject to a deduction if there are enough students attending the Dhamma School.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


To be updated

To be updated


The money will be used for hall booking and other Dhamma School activities. Fees can be paid online, via bank transfer. If you wish to pay by cash, you may hand over the cash to the treasurer on the day of the Dhamma School.

Upon registration, an email including the instructions to make the payment of the registration. Payment methods are as follows:

  • Debit/Credit card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash in Hand

Note: Please include Reference as "NDS FEES".


From 2:15 PM to 5:15 PM

Three Hours including 30 minutes of interval.

sinhala lessons

Sinhala Lessons

Children are given Sinhala Lessons on a session.

exam annual

Annual Assesments

All pupils are assessed at  the end of the year.


5 Levels/Classes

Classes are divided into 5 sections including Primary Level.


Mindfulness Practice

Every Session includes a brief mindfulness session.


Visual Learning

Children can learn through visual materials.


The DhammaSchool children, monks, and parents would need some refreshments during the break period. Refreshments are usually organized by the parents. Every parent may contribute by confirming a convenient date. Refreshments are provided at 3:40 PM.

Note: If your child(ren) has any dietary requests or food allergies, please make sure to include them in the registration form.

A single day may include multiple contributions. Please inform us if you wish to contribute for a particular date. To access the refreshment calendar, please register for the NDS and you will be sent a link to access and update the sheet.

Commencement & Timetable

We have made changes to the Dhamma School timetable. Instead of commencing at 2:00 PM, We have adjusted the commencing time to 2:15 PM. This is to allow more time for students to arrive who are coming from distant areas. 

The interval is now 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes. This way, children can enjoy their snacks with no rush. The Dhamma School will end at 5:15 PM.

All pupils are required to commence on time. Being punctual is the key to our discipline system. Our effort is to make every minute effective that you spend at the Dhamma school.




02:15 PM – 02:45 PM

Dhamma School Commence by Observing 5 Precepts And a Brief Meditation Session

02:45 PM – 2:50 PM

Attendance Marking and Arranging Classes

02:50 PM – 03:40 PM

Buddhism (Dhamma Lessons)

3:40 PM – 4:10 PM


4:10 PM – 5:10 PM

Sinhala Language Studies

5:10 PM– 5:15 PM

Worshipping Venerable Monks & Concluding of the Dhamma School


Stay Updated!

Important notices and communications are delivered through our Dhamma School WhatsApp group. Your Number will be added upon registration.

Dhamma School communication

Important notices and communications are delivered via the Dhamma School WhatsApp group and email. Upon registration, your mobile number will be added to the list. Dhamma School can be contacted via 0115 822 4552 and [email protected].

Finally, we aim to provide an informative and interesting learning experience to our Sri Lankan children and let them experience the Sri Lankan culture. We hope parents will join and support us in achieving this valuable aim.

Please ensure your current mobile number is included on the registration form and consent is given for this to be added to the WhatsApp group.  Please inform the Dhamma school via e-mail of any absences. 

Parent's Responsibilities

At the Dhamma school, we expect parents to arrive on time. Upon arrival, parents can help to arrange classes for the Dhamma School. It is important to offer your kind support to arrange classes and clean up the venue when leaving. It is also the parent's responsibility to look after the children. Below are some tasks that you can help with.

  • Preparing the Buddha statue for Worship
  • Arrange desks and chairs
  • Preparing the monk's chair
  • Preparing refreshments for children
  • Cleaning the kitchen after refreshments
  • Rearrange the desks and chairs back.

We highly appreciate the support and contribution that you make to the Dhamma School.

Frequently asked questions

Do you teach Sinhala langauge?

Yes, we do teach Sinhala as a second language. 

I have more than one child. How much do i have to pay?

The mandatory admission fee is £20. So you will only have to pay £20 per child in the first quarter. If you have 2 children, your total fees to be paid will be £20+(£20+£20)=£60.

Do i have to come on time?

We mark the attendance of the NDS students and evaluate them at the end of each year. We highly appreciate every student arriving on time. 

Where is the Nottingham Dhamma School?

The Dhamma School is held in a venue in Nottingham. Currently, it is held in the NG8 area. However, we hold a separate Dhamma School in Sheffield.