Kathina Ceremony of 2023

The forthcoming Katina ceremony of the Shanthi Vihara, Nottingham, is slated to take place on the 11th of November, 2022. It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge the generous sponsorship of Mr. Ruchira Wijayarathna and his family members for this religious event. The ceremony will be held at a public venue located in the West Bridgford area, specifically at Lutterell Hall, Church Dr, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6AY.


09:00 AM – Kathina Cheewara Preparation 

10:45 AM - Buddha pooja and Vandana 

11:30 AM - Offering of Sanghika Dana 

11:45 AM - Refreshments for the devotees 

12:15 PM - Kathina Perahera 

12:45 PM - Offering of Kathina robe 

01:00 PM - Dhamma talk (Sinhala) 

01:15 PM - Dhamma talk (English) 

01:25 PM - Punyanumodana and Blessings 

01:30 PM - Vote of Thanks 

01:35 PM - Lunch for Devotees 

03:00 PM - End of Ceremony


We kindly welcome any voluntary financial or material contributions (Dana- Vegetarian dishes) with deep gratitude. Therefore, we extend an invitation to any devotee who wishes to make such donations to complete the Online document. Alternatively, you may refer to the list of items and contact Vihara at 0115 822 4552 to notify them of your support. There are various methods through which you can contribute.

1. Sponsoring for the dishes (Preparing any dish)

Material contributions can be made by submitting your Dana dishes. Please arrange for the dishes to be received by the Vihara(at the venue) on the day of the Kathina Ceremony. You can view the menu and submit your contribution by clicking the link below.

  • Click here to View and submit the Dana items in the Google spreadsheet. (fillable)
  • Click here to view the Dana items (View only)
  • Call 0115 822 4552 to enquire about your contribution.

2. Offering of the Atapirikara/Cheewara

Offering an Atapirikara to the Venerable monks on the day of the Kathina ceremony is customary. Please click the link below if you wish to provide an Atapirikara or Cheewara. You will be redirected to fill in your details and donate to the Pirikara. Alternatively, you can donate on the day of the Kathina Ceremony.

Click here to donate Atapirikara/Cheewara.

3. Monetary contribution (Venue fees/Expenses)

If you wish to make a monetary contribution to the Vihara or if you would like to contribute to the Venue hiring fee, you can donate through Bank transfer and inform about your generous support to the Vihara. Alternatively, you may donate on the day of the Kathina ceremony. The Vihara bank details for any donation are as below.

Bank details: Natwest Bank

Sort code: 60-04-10

Account No: 86340255

Ref No: "Kathina 2023"


Venue and Parking

The Kathina ceremony will be held in a public venue, a prime community facility located in the middle of West Bridgeford. You can view the map by clicking the link below. 

Venue Location and Map

Parking at the Venue:

There is a limited capacity of 50 Cars in the venue car park. However, plenty of parking spaces are available in case you need to find a place to park your vehicle nearby. Alternative car parks are located within a 2-minute drive. The list of car parks can be found below.

  1. St Giles Church Private Car Park (Free)

  2. Albert Road Car Park (Pay & Display)

  3. Bridgford Road Car Park

Please be mindful when parking your car making sure not to block any other cars within the parking space. 


Refreshments & Lunch

Refreshments for the laypeople will be provided after the offering of Saghika Dana for the venerable monks around 11:45 PM. However, lunch for devotees will not be provided as usual. Instead, the managing community has planned to provide a lunchbox which will be prepared at that time. This is due to the strict rule of the venue and we highly admire it if you support us to keep the place clean when you leave. Leaving the venue unclean or spoiling food on the couch/chair can be a headache when it comes to clearing it up. This may also result in us being unable to hire the venue again. Read the guidelines below for the sake of convenience for both parties. 


  • Always put any waste/disposables in the bin.
  • Please take good care of your children. Make sure they won't spill any food or drinks on sofas or couches in the Venue.
  • Premises (specifically the kitchen if hired) must be cleared of any items brought in, or mess accumulated, by the end of the booking period. (Venue Regulation)

Frequently asked questions

What is kathina ceremony?

The Kathina festival, which originated 2,500 years ago, celebrates the largest alms-giving ceremony of the Buddhist year.

It occurs at the end of the Vassa, or monsoon, period, in October and November. During the Vassa period, normally nomadic Buddhist monks will have remained in one place for three months, and the Kathina celebration marks the time for them to move on. The festival also celebrates the offerings of cloth that are given to the monks upon their leaving by the lay people.

The offering can take place up to one month following the end of the Vassa period, from 19th October to 16 November, and is celebrated by Buddhists of the Theravada tradition.

Is the any other way i can support?

You can support us with your labor by helping us prepare the Venue, by Offering the dana to the venerable monks, or by participating in group activities like preparing Gilanpasa (Tea)/arranging Dana, etc. 

How many monks will participate to the Kathina Ceremony?

We expect nearly 20 Venerable monks to participate in our Kathina Ceremony from numerous Temple in the UK. We are unable to predict the exact number at this time. 

I am not a Buddhist. Can i still participate to this event?

We welcome everyone who is genuinely interested in participating, witnessing, and sharing this meritorious deed regardless of your race, ethnicity, or religion. Any contributions are kindly accepted. 

I only understand English. Do you hold this event in English?

We primarily hold the ceremony in the Sinhala language which is the native language of Sri Lanka. However, after the Mid-Day meal, a Dhamma Sermon will be conducted in English medium targeting the Non-local community.