What is Grantham Meditation Group?


Grantham Meditation Group was set up to satisfy a long-felt need, helping those who wished to practice Mindfulness Meditation. Pandula Abey, Kumari & Sunil Silva and Primrose & Upul Wijayawardhana, long-term residents of Grantham, realising this need, invited Venerable Teldeniyaye Amitha, Head of Shanthi Vihara and Meditation Centre, to visit Grantham monthly to conduct meditation classes, which he readily accepted. As there were a number of non-Buddhists, too, who wished to participate, it was decided to conduct the meditation sessions as a secular practice.


After a period of publicity, including notices in GP surgeries and a programme by Abey on the local radio station, ‘Gravity FM’, sessions started in May 2014. The first session, attended by over 30 participants mostly non-Buddhists, was held at the Barkston & Syston Village Hall, in the outskirts of Grantham. After a few sessions, a new venue was found in Carlton Scroop and Normanton-on-Cliffe Village Hall, NG32 3AR, a more spacious venue with ample space for walking meditation. Though it is a little further away from Grantham, it is more affordable too, an important consideration as the sessions, including refreshments provided at the end, being free. Voluntary contributions, supplemented by sponsorship on occasions have helped to carry on this outside activity of Shanthi Vihara.

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Monthly sessions are conducted by Ven. Amitha, Head of Nottingham Vihara and Meditation Centre, on a Saturday evening, from 4 to 6 pm in the winter and 5 to 7 pm at other times. In addition, an annual day-retreat is held, the last one being in May 2019. Venerable Amitha is ably assisted by Mr David Haslam, Head of Religious Studies in Kings School in Grantham, who joined the group at its very inception. By the way, Kings School is very prestigious as it was the school of Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all time. David has a keen interest in Mindfulness and has just submitted a thesis on this subject to Aberdeen University, for a master’s degree.

Grantham Meditation Group wishes to continue the journey to 'master' the practice of mindfulness meditation; training in attention, mindfulness, emotional balance and meditation exercises. It is also looking for ways to improve and would welcome any suggestions.

Interested in Meditation programe in Grantham?

Those interested can contact Mr Sunil Silva on 07771 542973 or Dr Upul Wijayawardhana on 01476 594934. Notifications regarding dates etc. are sent via e-mail by Mr Pandula Abey and the e-mail address of any interested could be added to the mailing list.


How often is this conducted?

This is conducted once a month on a fixed date.

Who is the meditation instructor?

Our meditation sessions are instructed and guided by Venerable Teldeniyaye Amitha Thero,the abbot of Shanthi Vihara in Nottingham.

I am of different faith. can i participate?

Yes. anyone can participate in this programme.

Where is this programe conducted?

The venue that we conduct the meditation programme is Carlton Scroop and Normanton-on-Cliffe Village Hall, NG32 3AR.