Writing for us...!

We would love to share your inspiration, experience, and thoughts with our community here at Shanthi Vihara. If you love to write articles, reviews, analysis of any Buddhist related topics, we can publish it on our website. It is very simple. You do not have to login or make an account. Just send us your creation to [email protected].

Currently, we only have a few numbers of writers. Our goal is to improve our resources by including quality contents for our readers. Therefore, this will be considered as a support for our goal.



How to Write?

First, select a topic. The topic should not be related to any kind of contents which directly or indirectly links in spreading greed, hatred or delusion. The content is supposed to add value to the readers.

After finishing your writing, you will have to send it through our email address. if you wish to send us your work through the post, it will be kindly accepted. When sending us your work, you may attach any kind of images in the email which may portrait that article content. It is, however, is not necessary. We will find a suitable picture for it.