Why Support us?

Regular support, such as a monthly or annual donation by Standing Order on a bank/building society account, means that we can plan ahead, confident that the funds we need will be there when we need them. So please consider making your regular donations in this manner. 

Vihara Needs:

When offering any items to the Vihara, Please consider the following and avoid offering items that are not needed. This way, we can manage our existing goods without waste and preserve space as well. We will update the list often.

Currently not needed:

  1. Detergent Powders

  2. Shaving Creams/Razors

  3. Tooth Paste, Tooth Brushes

  4. Towels and Bed Sheets

  5. Cleaning liquids

  6. Toilet Papers

  7. Raw foods (Rice/Dal)

Your Donations will help us to cover...

Mortgage fee

Mortgage Fees

Monthly costs for mortgaging the property


Insurance Fees

Council tax bills and insurance fees.


Charity Services

funding of Charity & social services

Donate for web hosting

Hosting Costs

Website hosting and maintanance costs

Donate for vihara bills

Utillity Costs

Gas, water and electricity bills of the Vihara

Donate for printing

Press & Publication Costs

Stationaries and printing costs

Standing Orders

Please fill in this form and send it to us. We will record your generous intentions and forward the form to the bank/building society nominated by you in Section 2 of this Form for their action. Let us assure that the information you provide below will be held by the Vihara Administration in the strictest confidence.

Access to it will be restricted to the Chief Incumbent and, with his authority, to the Treasurer of the Vihara for accounting purposes only. Also, because we are able to claim back the tax paid on every £1 you donate out of your taxed income thus increasing the value of your donation to the Vihara by 20%, these Standing Order Forms may be inspected by the Tax Office from time to time to verify our claims.

Download Form

One time Donation

Donate easily and securely through Paypal. You will be making your contributions through PayPal Giving Fund charity profile. You may donate any amount you would like to. To make the donation, please click the link below. Do not forget to add gift aid with the donation.

Donate and add gift aid with the donation.

Donate by PayPal

If you wish to Donate without gift aid, please click the link below

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Bank transfers

If you wish to make contributions towards the upcoming Vihara projects, you may do so by forwarding such contributions to the accounts below or enclose a cheque/ postal order made payable to Shanthi Vihara & Meditation Centre.

  •     Account Name: Shanthi Vihara & Meditation Centre
  •     Bank Name: NatWest Bank
  •     Account Number: 8 6 3 4 0 2 5 5
  •     Sort Code: 60-04-10

Please forward your cheque/postal order to 523, Nuthall Road, Nottingham, NG8 5DG.


-He is delighted here & after death. In both states is the well-doer delighted. He is delighted "I have done well". He is delighted, even more, having gone to a good birth.

- Buddha