New Year Wishes!

May the new year unfold like a lotus,

each petal revealing blessings of peace, joy, and clarity.

May your path be guided by the gentle ripples of compassion, leading you to calm harbours and tranquil shores.

Embrace the impermanence of time like a mindful observer,

cherishing each moment as a precious gem.

As the chimes of year's end echo, let go of any burdens that weigh heavy,

and step into the new year with a light and open heart.

May your resolutions bloom like vibrant wildflowers, nurtured by kindness and nourished by wisdom.

Remember, the journey to inner peace is not a destination, but a path walked with each mindful breath.

So, wander gently, be present in the moment, and let the new year be a symphony of compassion,

a blossoming of mindfulness, and a radiant reflection of your inner light. Wishing you a blessed and luminous New Year!

woship at vihara

Daily Worship and Offerings

We worship and make offerings to Lord Buddha daily, and we invite you to participate in these meritorious deeds.

meditation classes

Weekend Meditation

Train your mind to achieve inner peace and resilience from daily stressors through meditation and mindfulness


Blessings and Chantings

Acquire blessings from the Noble Tripe Gem during special life events, including achievements, anniversaries and birthdays.

masika daanaya

Monthly Alms Giving

Participate in the offering of Dana (Midday meal) to the Maha Sangha (clergy at the temple) on a fixed monthly basis

dhamma discussion

Dhamma Discussions

Discuss the problems you face regarding the teaching and practices of the Dhamma under proper guidance.

sinhala class nottingham

Sinhala tutoring

Attend to Sinhala tution classes conducted on weekly basis by venerable monks for kids.


Discover our official youtube channel. Listen to Dhamma talks and Dhamma discussions. View recorded programs of weekly mindfulness programs.

Find out Dhamma sermons delivered during the Vassana retreat and other special occasions.

We conduct chantings especially to invoke blessings for the well-being of all beings who are being affected by the current pandemic.


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Regular support, such as a monthly or annual donation by Standing Order on a bank/building society account, means that we can plan ahead, confident that the funds we need will be there when we need them.

So please consider making your regular donations in this manner. Now you can support us in many ways.



Sunday School for Kids

Held in Nottingham and Sheffield.